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IT Investment shows signs of paying off at Nationwide

Many banks spend a lot of time talking about what they would like to be providing for their customers. Only a few banks are able to put those words into action and come out with something innovative and useful to customers. Nationwide has gone and done just that, writes Billy Bambrough

BBA announces financial crime alert service

The BBA has announced it has launched a financial crime alert service for its member banks at a security conference held in London, scheduled to go live in January 2015 with a limited number of UK banks.

Simple makes strides in digital but is facing an uphill struggle to regain confidence

Simple has released an update to its mobile banking app to support Apple’s TouchID and Android’s wearable devices. The update follows a period of difficulty for the digital bank which saw customers locked out of their accounts for prolonged periods. Billy Bambrough investigates

Product innovation is the priority, how it’s achieved is key – Temenos survey

The yearly Temenos annual customer survey has identified product innovation as being the top priority for one in four bankers but product innovation can’t just happen on its own. Billy Bambrough takes a look at an industry survey that says more than meets the eye

TransferWise “moves into the mainstream” – Hipsters remain indifferent

No longer happy with appealing just to indie early adopters looking for an alternative to the banks, TransferWise has today announce it is to alienate hipsters everywhere by jumping head first into the mainstream. Billy Bambrough speaks to co-founder Taavet Hinrikus about mobile adoption, European expansion and a potential Facebook deal

Will cloud computing make it rain our banking data?

Cloud computing has hopefully seen its worst ever PR disaster this week as perhaps the most used cloud service in the world suffered some truly worrying leaks. But are our cloud-dwelling banking details more secure then Jennifer Lawrence’s naked selfies, asks Billy Bambrough

Why high street banks don’t need to worry about Handelsbanken

The Swedish bank, which has been expanding internationally since the mid-nineties, has been working to bridge the gap between private and retail banking, providing a far cheaper service than the traditional private banks and offering a service falling somewhere in-between the two. This modern peculiarity though is unlikely to become mainstream, writes Billy Bambrough

How will the Standard Chartered money laundering fine affect its retail customers?

Billy Bambrough asks how the bank’s failure to keep its anti-money laundering obligations will impact its retail customers around the world

UK account switching – Why did it peak in 2012?

Almost a year since the creation of the UK current account switching guarantee account switching rates are up by 16% year on year but how much would have rates risen anyway without the scheme in place? Billy Bambrough investigates

Sage Pay comes out on top in Zapp hack

Sage Pay has been chosen by a panel of judges as the winner of the ZappHack Revive Retail hackathon.