Emirates NBD has partnered with Diebold Nixdorf to deliver a new digital kiosk that the bank hopes will increase onboarding. It looks like a futuristic ATM, but it can in fact do much more. Patrick Brusnahan reports

Banks are constantly concerned with customer onboarding. A once time-consuming process in-branch, it is now possible remotely – either online or on mobile. However, Diebold Nixdorf and Emirates NBD have come up with another solution: the EasyHub.

Said to be the region’s first integrated digital kiosk, it allows customers to sign up for new products and functions as a mini-branch.

Enabled by Diebold Nixdorf ’s Vynamic Connection Points, it is open any day of the week, offering a self-service banking experience and allowing customers to do anything from withdrawing cash to applying for a loan.

Speaking to CI, Suvo Sarkar, senior executive vice-president and group head, retail banking and wealth management at Emirates NBD, says: “Emirates NBD has always made bold investments in digital technology to modernise and simplify banking.

“Our initiative in creating Emirates NBD EasyHub stems from our high-tech-with-high-touch philosophy that combines digital convenience with the comfort of human touch. Starting with the launch of the first Interactive Teller Machine in the region a few years back, to introducing EVA [the Emirates NBD Virtual Assistant] AI-powered voice assistant and FaceBanking video banking, Emirates NBD has been seamlessly combining digital with the physical to provide a superior customer experience.”

Customers first

The customer-first approach means a variety of services need to be offered. Sarkar continues: “EasyHub will be available for all Emirates NBD customers. The new services will enable individual retail and affluent customers to open current or savings accounts of their choice, and instantly obtain a personalised debit card.

“Customers will also be able to conduct all routine teller services, such as cash deposit and withdrawal, check deposits and encashment, and internal fund transfers. Additionally, customers will be able to carry out a variety of banking services, such as updating their personal details, requesting a cheque book or authenticated statements, and even applying for a personal loan, without having to wait at a bank counter.”

Habib Hanna, MD, Middle East at Diebold Nixdorf, adds: “We partner strategically with our customers to build customised solutions that fit their current-state and future-state needs, and our innovation team brings these unique designs to life.

“Emirates NBD has always been an innovator, and the EasyHub initiative is driving the bank’s digital transformation strategy to greater heights.”

He continues: “The new multi-function, interactive kiosk targets consumers who need the flexibility and convenience of becoming an Emirates NBD customer without having to go into a branch. EasyHub offers around-the-clock customer service options for all customers, not only card holders.”

Emirates NBD and Diebold Nixdorf

Hanna tells CI that the process began last year. It began by looking at customer needs and the specific services they wanted to access through EasyHub. The two key objectives when designing the channel were superior convenience and easy, seamless user experiences.

Sarkar says: “EasyHub embodies our customer-first approach, and will provide them with increased flexibility to open an account or conduct teller transactions in a safe and secure manner while experiencing the same superior service they would receive at any of our branches.” The whole aim of this is to improve customer onboarding for products, accounts and services.

Currently, over half of Emirates NBD’s customer base is digitally active. Digital transactions are growing at 30% annually, and 93% of all transactions are conducted outside the branch. The hope is that this rate could go even higher with EasyHub’s introduction.

Emirates NBD also is constantly trying to get more customers on board, through a number of methods. Sarkar explains: “We continue to drive adoption through customer education and the introduction of new digital services that make our digital platforms the channel of choice for customers.

“Our 60-second remittance service, DirectRemit, only available digitally, provides instant money transfers to customers free of charge. Our tablet banking service enables customers to sign up for a loan or card without providing or signing a single piece of paper.”

He concludes: “Earlier this month, we launched Eidiya Express, enabling customers to gift Eidiya – an age-old custom during Eid – easily and instantly through the mobile banking app, to customers as well as non-customers.

“We also help customers adapt to digital better by combining digital innovation with personalised assistance, such as with our fully digital branches that feature self-service solutions through touchscreens and tablets, with trained service ambassadors present to help if needed.”