Citi has launched beta-testing community that enables customers to co-create products and digital capabilities that promote their financial wellness.

The new platform, known as Canvas Designed by Citi, allows customers to shape the creation process and share feedback.

The bank said that its existing co-creation programmes have led to the launch of a series of mobile capabilities and customer experience enhancements.

Using this new beta-testing community, customers can register to access and test solutions. At the outset, tests will focus on helping users classify and visualise their spending versus their income and offering advice to help them reach their financial goals.

Community members who are selected to participate will be notified when the new tests are is released. On the basis of feedback received from the community, solutions may be iterated and retested, discarded, or put into production to be launched live to customers, the bank said.

Citi FinTech CEO Yolande Piazza said: “This new beta-testing community is a platform for customers to test live solutions in real-world conditions that improve their financial wellness. Our goal is to help our customers reach their financial goals by delivering a holistic view of their financial lives right in the palm of their hand.”