Chase, the retail arm of JPMorgan Chase, has taken the top spot in a mobile banking report from researcher Forrester.

The largest retail bank in the US by assets, Chase scored particularly highly on transactional functionality.

La Caixa, third largest bank in Spain by assets, scored highest in Europe.

UK banks lag behind, failing to catch up after their late start, UK banks are notably less advanced than those offered by banks in North America and by other European banks.

Peter Wannemacher, Forrester analyst and one of the authors of the report said of the data: "The most obvious missed opportunity among the 15 banks reviewed by Forrester is that few are making effective use of context to make information more relevant to customers. Sales is another big missed opportunity: Some banks aren’t even trying to cross-sell products and services through mobile, and none of the 15 does it effectively."

Forrester’s mobile banking report evaluates 15 large retail banks mobile banking functionalities.

Each of the fifteen banks, located in the North America and Europe achieved a score from 1 to 100 that reveals differences in the banks’ mobile banking offerings across eight categories: range of touch points, enrolment and login, account information, transactional functionality, service features, cross-channel guidance, sales and acquisition, and usability.

Forrester’s evaluation reveals that, although most banks are meeting basic mobile banking needs, with an average score overall of 56 out of 100 there is considerable room for improvement for some banks.

The 15 banks evaluated by Forester were: Bank of America, Barclays in the UK, Chase in the US, Citibank in the US, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, HSBC in the UK, la Caixa in Spain, Lloyds TSB in the UK, NatWest in the UK, Postbank in Germany, Rabobank in the Netherlands, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Société Générale in France, TD Canada Trust, and Wells Fargo in the US.

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