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Inviting customers to make a U-turn

  • Author: Charles Wheeldon
  • Published: 19 Dec 2016

Are UK customers ready for turning? Charles Wheeldon talks to Alex Letts, chief ‘unbanking’ officer of UK-based challenger U. Letts believes that consumers are ready to opt for banking transparency in return for a modest monthly fee but, in the current market environment, is he right?. read more

Contactless technology making waves

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 12 Dec 2016

According to Timetric research, the global contactless card transaction value will almost quadruple between 2016 and 2020, while the global mobile NFC transaction value will grow more than fivefold. Why is contactless affecting the payments world with so much vigour? Patrick Brusnahan takes a closer look. read more

Adding digital ID verification to mobile payments

  • Author: Robin Arnfield
  • Published: 14 Nov 2016

So far, digital identity credentials have been the missing piece in the mobile wallet puzzle, making mobile payments vulnerable to fraud involving stolen card accounts. Robin Arnfield profiles two US fintech firms which want to fill this gap with technology storing ID documents in digital form on smartphones. read more

Saving millennials’ savings

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 13 Oct 2016

In the United Kingdom, saving has seen a downfall in popularity, particularly with younger consumers. With low interest rates flooding the market, few millennial consumers feel that they can save well or even save at all. New mobile services are hoping to change that perception. Patrick Brusnahan investigates. read more

Are French banks' offers targeting top students to ensure profitability?

  • Author: Jessica Longley
  • Published: 6 Sep 2016

French students have followed two major trends: They are increasingly creating their own businesses alongside their studies, as well as taking internships or studying abroad. These phenomena have led French banks to adapt their student offerings to meet the new needs. Jessica Longley reports. read more

Who needs cash? Not Scandinavia

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 4 Aug 2016

While a ‘cashless society’ is often brought up in thinkpieces and discussions worldwide, there is only one region taking the initiative with this movement. Scandinavia is closest to truly being cashless, but how is the market shaping up? Patrick Brusnahan writes on this region with help from Timetric’s research. read more

Simple to expand as part of the BBVA family

  • Author: Robin Arnfield
  • Published: 11 May 2016

US mobile banking services provider Simple demonstrates just how many services direct banks can offer with just smartphones and no branches. Robin Arnfield reports. read more

What’s the score with credit ratings?

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 9 Nov 2015

Patrick Brusnahan investigates the current credit scoring scene. Is the sector developing as quickly as the rest of financial services? With certain scandals drawing unwanted attention to the field, are consumers finally getting the long-awaited fairness when it comes to credit? Or is the reputation unwarranted?. read more

UK consumer credit in recovery

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 8 Sep 2015

Consumer credit is shaky ground. While some consider it useful, others believe it to be a way of bringing consumers into debt. The controversy around payday loans and the after-effects of the global financial crisis has certainly put it into disrepute. However, the UK consumer credit market is strengthening. Patrick Brusnahan reports. read more

TD moves ahead in North American digital banking

  • Author: Robin Arnfield
  • Published: 27 Aug 2015

Digital transformation is a priority for TD Bank Group, which has built a customer-centric platform to capitalise on Canadian and US consumers’ appetite for digital banking. Robin Arnfield examines the Group’s successful mobile offering, Smart ATM roll out and branch strategy over the last year. read more

Britain's Sharia-compliant bank Al Rayan has undergone a major revamp

  • Author: Franchesca Hashemi
  • Published: 17 Aug 2015

Britain’s first fully Sharia-compliant retail bank Al Rayan is gaining momentum. It has undergone a major revamp following the acquisition by Qatar’s Masraf Al Rayan (MAR) QSC in 2014. Franchesca Hashemi asks Tim Sinclair, senior head of sales and marketing at Al Rayan, about the bank’s transformation and table topping products. read more

Real time payments: The need for speed

  • Author: Anna Milne
  • Published: 12 May 2015

What stage is the global transition towards real time payments at? What are the drivers, hindrances, how long will it take and what are the different countries’ priorities? SWIFT is on a mission to support faster payments implementation across markets with a scalable, replicable solution. Anna Milne writes. read more

Gemalto and Coop Bank tackle environmentally friendly and biodegradable contactless cards

  • Published: 6 May 2015

How can banking be better for the environment? One option, offered by international digital security company Gemalto, is a biodegradable contactless card. Patrick Brusnahan talks to Billy Tran of Gemalto about this new product and its benefits as well as other sustainable services that can be provided by banks. read more

Is loyalty realistic in the digital age?

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 20 Apr 2015

It is said that one cannot buy loyalty, but that hasn’t stopped industries, including the financial sector, from trying. In the United States alone, companies spend $2bn a year on loyalty programmes. But are these investments getting a worthy return? Patrick Brusnahan writes. read more

Will Apple Watch transform wearable tech?

  • Author: Douglas Blakey
  • Published: 11 Mar 2015

I am obliged to Intelligent Environments (founders of The Digital Banking Club) for commissioning research into the sales prospects for the eagerly awaited and much hyped Apple Watch.. read more

World's first pan-European account aims for 6m customers by 2020

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 24 Feb 2015

ipagoo, launched by the Orwell Group, claims to the be the first pan-European bank account, allowing customers to have the same current account in four countries in Europe. Orwell Group CEO Carlos Sanchez wants 6m customers by 2020, but is this feasible? Patrick Brusnahan writes. read more

Hiding jewels under the mattress

  • Published: 23 Feb 2015

Alone among UK retail banks, Metro Bank is actively marketing its safety deposit boxes. By contrast, established players such as Lloyds, Barclays, RBS NatWest and HSBC have all axed the service. John Schaffer investigates. read more

Using Your Mobile Phones at Petrol Stations is Not Allowed

  • Author: David Parker
  • Published: 11 Feb 2015

Ah, unless you are paying for your fuel! David Parker writes. read more

High tide or dead calm- is Silver Surfing on the rise?

  • Author: Anna Milne
  • Published: 28 Jan 2015

Older generation internet banking users are on the rise, according to the latest instalment of the ongoing series ‘The Way We Bank Now’ by the BBA. Anna Milne questions the real drivers behind these figures. read more

NCR trades time and expense for interactivity

  • Author: Patrick Brusnahan
  • Published: 28 Jan 2015

Retail banking is a balancing act. Keeping costs down has to juxtapose with keeping standards high and services convenient. NCR, however, has devised new products which might make this juggling act a bit easier. Patrick Brusnahan writes. read more

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